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quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

Rastafari by RasIene (part 2/2)

April 22, 2003, Rastafari Speaks Reasoning Forum

Precepts of Rastafari
We are basically vegetarian. Abstain from: Swine (Pig) Meat, Cow Meat, Goat Meat, and any form of flesh eating. In some cases some of our brothers eat scale fish only* Abstain from Liquor, beers, and other mood changing drinks, in most cases most Rastas do not drink sodas, candies, sweets or use salt, if so it is done sparingly. However, in some instances natural wine may use where health is concern. Harm not yourself or your Sistren or Brethrens, do not put yourself in situation where you become trap or ridicule by the system of Babylon. That is do not mix with people who will bring harm or evil to you. Rastafari do not preach instead I and I teach: Love, The Messages Of Haile Silassie I, health, reasoning to resolve disputes, self government, and right thinking using only positive language. For example, Rastafari use words like Forward, Overstand, Sight up, Livity. These words signify coercions, Kingly and Queenly thinking.
Rastafarians do not believe in using sharp instrument to round the corners of one's head, Tattooing, or marking one's body for fun and pleasure. Do not participate in modern day pleasures and that is definable by the Rases. In your case it could mean you should not be putting on makeup, cutting your body parts to improve it looks for pleasure only; unless where medical concern is required. It could mean also, you must not be carrying yourself around to cause lust upon yourself when not merited, showing your body to the public just to stimulate wantonness, lust, self worship or to bring harm*.
Our help is to our Sistrens and Brethrens the Rastafari family first then others in the universe. That is we must always hold the love and protection of the Rastafari culture, way of life, and people first. If a Brother or Sister needs help we must reach out to them without any scorn.

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