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quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009

Rastafari by RasIene (part 1/2)

April 22, 2003, Rastafari Speaks Reasoning Forum

New to Rastafari
I must inform you that Rastafari is not a faith or religion that you go to a building (church) and become a member. Now! It is a vibes, which starts with self. How so? You first recognise that you are more than just living for living sake. I can see that you are in the realm of consciousness and that is the step towards Rastafari. Rastafarianism has a lot to do with how you conduct yourself among your Sistrens and Brethrens. Every human being have a sense of life. The things is that will be important to you is does that sense of life you are aware of make any sense at all is it harming me or my other fellow Sistrens and Brethrens around I and I. If you can say yes it make sense, yes it is not harming I or any one else then you are in tune to the way of Rastafari. And thus to make you overstand I shall say this to you which is the basic tenets of Rastafari-given to our early Brethrens by Ras Sam Brown who has since Passed away.

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